Bespoke Builds

When our customers request contemporary touches during the restoration process, we welcome it, moving seamlessly from restoration to the classical art of bespoke coachbuilding.

We innovate with fresh interior expression, adding value to your ownership experience without detracting from the purity of the build.

That could mean sumptuous hand-crafted leathers, the subtlety of nickel-plated trim detailing, a discreet yet powerful audio system, heated seating, LED lighting, and so on. The choice is infinite and entirely yours.

Similarly, we work our magic mechanically, such as installing a more modern engine and transmission, plus suspension and braking to match your driving expectations.

Our aim is simply to create for you the finest Land Rover you could ever own, whether that’s a classic restoration to the original specification, a unique bespoke build or one that’s designed for a big adventure.

About Wind