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Hand-built restorations & bespoke enhancements of classic Land Rovers and Range Rovers

Restorations and beyond…for a life less ordinary

At Windsor Classics, we breathe the peerless heritage of classic Land Rovers and Range Rovers, preserving yet refining their very essence through our ground-up, hand-built restorations, each crafted to your bespoke requirements.
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Built by hand and unique to you

Undertaking a restoration project is a journey in itself.

If you are fortunate in owning a classic Land Rover or Range Rover that you would like us to restore, we will be delighted to do so.

Alternatively, we will start by sourcing for you an original classic Land Rover from the dynasty of your choice, from Series I, II, IIA and III, Defender or Range Rover.

Our experienced, specialist team, who eat and breathe the marque, completely disassemble the car down to the last nut and bolt, scrupulously examining every component before the restoration and refinement process begins.

Preserve the essence

Our mantra is to preserve the essence and innate character of every car we restore in a way that is unique to you.

Your car will be the focus of some 1000 hours of artisan skills in our workshop bays, restoring, refining and, where they are beyond repair, replacing components – always faithful to their original specification.

A full restoration will typically take 8 months.

When completed in the colours of your choice, your car will be handed to you in a condition that is infinitely superior to the condition when it was originally produced.

It will reflect the indelible Land Rover imprint that was established more than seven decades ago, but it is now imbibed with our passion and skill in every aspect of the work we do. It will maintain that unique legacy for decades to come, and provide you with a car that is a joy to own and drive.

Land Rover Restoration

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