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Beyond restoration for a life less ordinary...

Beyond restoration

for a life less ordinary...

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Undergoing a restoration project is a journey in itself. To preserve, and yet, refine the essence of the vehicle and its distinct heritage is a fine balance of vision and artisan skills. Every element must be a considered and conscious choice, down to the very last nut and bolt, even for those that you will never see.
We specialise in the complete restoration of series Land Rovers, Defenders and Range Rovers. Our obsessive approach requires us to take on full restoration projects only, to ensure that every Windsor Classic vehicle meets our exact standards.

Obsessive perfectionism...

Be it concours, patina or bespoke restoration that you have in mind, we always start at the design table because we know that even the purest of restorations still reflects the owner through the smallest of details. With each project its own journey, we guarantee to deliver our trademark passion and focus to every aspect of the build. But we go a step further by taking every opportunity to share this with you. Whether this is inviting you down to share a coffee and watch the build, or sending photos and videos, we truly believe in the value of the restoration journey, so we make sure you don’t miss a nut or bolt.
The journey through the restoration of such an iconic vehicle is as exciting as the day you receive the keys. This journey is yours; we simply provide you with support and expertise so you can enjoy every second.

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