Where it all began

We all have dreams… Sometimes they become reality. For Richard Heighes, the founder of Windsor Classics, it was simply a matter of time…

“From playing with Corgi Land Rovers to establishing Windsor Classics took a good few years, but my fascination with classic Land Rovers never left me; they’ve just become bigger.”

Having established a highly successful company that designs and manufactures in-house one-off retail displays for major global brands, Richard had credentials aplenty when it comes to working to extreme standards, and fulfilling the needs of discerning customers.

Add with more than a pinch of passion, plus his own collection of classic Land Rovers beckoning for attention, and it was a small step for Richard to create Windsor Classics in 2019.

Restoration Land Rover Specialists

Est. 2019

Since then the company’s purpose-built workshops have been buzzing, not just with restorations, bespoke builds and maintenance but also with our customers, who are welcomed to follow their journey with us.

“It’s entirely right that anyone trusting us in the restoration of their Land Rover or Range Rover should be able to see, touch and feel everything that goes into its creation and talk with those who are breathing into it fresh life, energy, appeal and enjoyment – Sharing the passion… Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Richard Heighes

- Founder, Windsor Classics